Getting to know Zip Coin

ZIPCOIN is a hybrid of conventional remittance alternative; EOS blockchain established decentralized remittance and payment alternative which will improve individuals and businesses from the 104B remit market. ZIPCO token revolutionizes the large cost in the remittance business with the production of its Peer to Peer (P2P) powered remit and payment method to supply the cheapest, safest, most protected, swift and dependable alternative to the emerging markets of Africa and outside.

ZIPCOIN’s most important aim is to supply the lowest remit fee alternative to the African markets and outside through the usage of technologies, information insights, community participation and cooperation.

We are deploying a solution which will make it possible for individuals to chose different remittance choices along with also the lowest price alternative is utilizing our money.

Why: we discovered that the African men and women are paying too far to send cash to family. We think our solution is going to have a positive effect to acquire more cash to household.

There’s been a few scams at the ICO area for so long; however, you may be certain that ZIPCOIN is an actual job with a solid business model. To begin with, we’re proudly registred at the state of Alberta, Canada.

We might seem like bitcoin but we’re over bitcoin. The crux of our company is remittance and as a young growing business we also ought to embrace technologies. The money is one other means to remit and it is not the ONLY way. It is a part of this minimal price remittance- P2P we’re introducing. Each day our duty is to affect the poor by supplying options to permit them to save more and invest less. We’re zipping and or final openings in terminology barrier by using community liaisons- people who speaks the indigenous language; financial inclusion by utilizing youth from every village, country and community people start by earning remit solutions that real solve people’s difficulty. Our neighborhood liaisons are working really difficult to guarantee end to finish education and consciousness of mass adoption towards remittance difficulties, compliance and technology is readily communicated and understood.

Who we are: we’re a new entrant to the remittance area who will revolve around supplying a very low cost to the African sector.

How: we’re developing cutting edge platform to allow remittance services. We’ve introduced Zipcoin cryptocurrency as yet another alternative for remittance.

Why: we discovered that the African men and women are paying too far to send cash to family. We think our solution will have a favorable effect for more cash to family

What: we’re deploying a solution which will make it possible for individuals to select different remittance options along with also the lowest price alternative is utilizing our money.

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What is the ICO?

An ICO is a first coin offering, which permits new jobs like ours to fundraise throughout the earnings of crypto tokens (in our instance, ZIPCO Tokens). Investors send money through our intelligent contract and will likely be granted ZIPCOIN Tokens accordingly.

How Can I engage in ZIPCO Token sale?

We are now running a personal pre-sale round. Combine our pre-sale by filling the KYC & KYB shape and we’ll reach out to you after you’ve been whitelisted. If you missed it, then you may need to take part in our ICO and then purchase our ZIPCO tokens on our ZIPCOIN Exchange.

ZIPCO tokens are manufactured with EOS blockchain technology. EOS blockhain permits the consumer to recoup their passwords glance; whilst you can not regain your qualifications with ETH. Zero flexibility! Plus there isn’t any concept of mining and token fork. The tech is vey exceptional to ETH, highly effective, scalable and will process up to 100 countless transactions per second whereas ETH can perform 15 million each minute and BITCOIN blockchain around 4 million each minute



About Zip Coin 

ZIPCOIN was established to address such gaps;

  • High remit fees
  • Inefficiencies & interoperability issues,
  • Lack of financial addition, complicated systems and negative consumer’s expertise
  • KYC & AML onboarding issues

Our Principal Aim is to Give remittance from the emerging markets of Africa and beyond by providing:

  • low remittance prices
  • Mid- market rate for overseas exchange
  • Serve the under authorized markets
  • Easy, easy, secure, quick remit options with cutting edge EOS blockchain, SWIFT, cellular and internet payment technology
  • Peer to Peer transfers
  • Community driven ecosystem
  • Create tasks for youths in each market we launching
  • Education and consciousness utilizing advanced technologies at the remittance area.

Much like Ethereum, EOS is a wise contract hosting platform made for open source projects and consumer-facing decentralized programs (DApps). Utilize the assigned proof of bet (DPos) consensus algorithm- made to satisfy with the performance demands of decentralized programs on the blockchain — such as the managing of millions of users and transactions. No charges, elastic, Scalable, Usable and generates Emissions.

Advanced Security System

-> Secure cold storage (95 percent ) with chilly pocket direction

Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS).

-> Third-party safety line by line code .

The FSP will have a bank account readily available for customers and companies to save fiat and electronic money assets. There’ll be a merchant processing support available for immediate fiat conversion of ZIPCOIN tokens to the retailer’s bank accounts; o Funds transfer (cable and peer reviewed ).

The ZIPCOIN Exchange is going to have digital currency market providing the capacity to purchase and sell a lot of tokens and coins. The largest attribute for our startup is that the capability for us to record our market instantly without the bother of fulfilling outrageous requirements demanded or enforced by present trades.



User generates an accounts with ZIPCOIN. Verification may take up to 24 hours.


User logs to an present account using appropriate credentials (in minutes).


Users account is accepted allowing the consumer to Purchase digital money by:

  • Linking an Present banking accounts then wiring funds for their own trading accounts (2-4 times ) Min charges


  • Depositing Money to the ATM/Debit Card Supplied by ZIPCOIN to deposit cash/check/money order for their ZIPCOIN accounts allowing the consumer to exchange (1 day)

During ZIPCOIN’s stage, the consumer Can trade – purchase | sell electronic money


During ZIPCOIN’s stage, the consumer Can draw:

  • Via ATM
  • Wire fiat capital into your accounts
  • Wire fiat capital to a different account
  • Transfer funds into a different ZIPCOIN consumer
  • Pay invoices straight


Our intention is to produce as many chances to the emerging markets of Africa, supply low prices, financial literacy and consciousness of mass adoption into blockchain technology. ZIPCOIN will use its resources and platform in a manner that reduces waste and optimizes value to enhance each life of every individual.